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Covered in cuts


Chapter 5: Chairman Gege Love Me Once Again (3)


Han Zhengyu’s handsome face turned dark as he ruthlessly reached out to push her. With his strength, Bai Weiwei’s frail body was forcefully knocked against the cart filled with materials used for medical treatment.


The deafening sound reverberated as the things from the cart came crashing down on her body. The moment she crashed, Bai Weiwei sucked in a mouthful of cold air due to the pain from her leg with the new one coming from her waist.


But even if she’s treated like this, Bai Weiwei persistently held on to Han Zhengyu.


She  clearly knows that if she doesn’t succeed this mission, then she won’t be able to return back.


Han Zhengyu originally wanted to kick her away but when he saw Bai Weiwei’s face looking helpless like a little child along with her pure and limpid eyes, he stopped.


The needles from the cart covered her wrist with scratches that blood began to flow out, making it a ghastly sight to look at.


Han Zhengyu finally felt something amiss. He knew that Bai Weiwei who was pampered and spoiled since childhood as a young miss, is incapable of tolerating even a tiny bit of an injury. What could possibly happen that could make her look as if she doesn’t understand what pain is?


“Do you know who I am?” Han Zhengyu asked with a dark face.


Bai Weiwei didn’t understand, but firmly replied, “Of course I know, you’re my gege.”


Han Zhengyu abruptly shook Bai Weiwei’s hands off him and suddenly shouted: “Doctor!”


Outside the door, the doctor and nurses at this moment hastily came trembling in fear. Afterwards, they began to inspect her again and again.


“ It seems that… Miss Bai experienced an excessive brain damage which caused a part of her brain to amass blood pressure that it affected her cranial nerves. Afterwards……”


The doctor spoke a bunch of medical terms that Han Zhengyu finally lost patience and said: “Get to the main point.”


The doctor immediately did as he said, “She has amnesia, not only that because she lost too many memories, it deteriorated her mentality to the age of 5. How much her mentality deteriorated, we still need to check.”


“Amnesia?” Han Zhengyu turned around as he coldly looked at Bai Weiwei.


Bai Weiwei leaned on the bed while tightly gripping the hem of Han Zhengyu’s clothes, her face looking miserable as she cries quietly.


Raising her head, she opened her mouth with tearful eyes, while asking in a soft voice, “Gege, doesn’t like Weiwei?”


Han Zhengyu felt an oncoming headache, is this woman really Bai Weiwei?


She’s basically like a five or six years old child.


Han Zhengyu’s face turned cold as he said, “Let go.”


This woman killed his mother.


System:Male god’s favourable impression, negative twenty-five. Male god’s hatred towards Host is like the sudden spring breeze, thousands of pear trees bloom.1


His hatred increased by five just because she cried once?


However, thinking of Han Zhengyu’s mother that she killed, in his eyes, just seeing her breath is already a mistake.


   Therefore, she cried as she stood up and burst into tears.


Thinking of her current mission that she might not be able to achieve, she wondered if she will really be killed by the hands of her younger sister. Dying silently like that, the more she thought of it the more distressed she felt.


The more distressed she felt the more she cried.


Her cry sounds as if heaven will fall and the earth will split2 earned everyone’s pity.


Bai Weiwei stubbornly held onto Han Zhengyu, “If gege doesn’t want me, Weiwei doesn’t wanna live anymore!”


Is this the Bai Weiwei whose IQ deteriorated?


Han Zhengyu’s face turned from dark to white, to green, finally settling to the color of red.


“Roll! I’m going to divorce you.”


The doctor timely spoke at this time, “Mr. Han, as she currently has the mentality of a kid, you will have to be responsible for her. So divorcing her is simply impossible.”


This world already set a rule that once you marry you cannot abandon one’s own mentally ill partner after marriage.


Fortunately she didn’t have to divorce, or else Han Zhengyu will certain get rid of her.


Since Bai Weiwei’s leg injury was only minor, she no longer needed to be hospitalized. Therefore, she followed after Han Zhengyu to return home.


1. [ I give up trying to understand what this meant. Sorry. Original text: “男主好感值,负二十五。男主对你的恨,如同忽如一夜春风来,千树万树梨花开。”]

2. [Tiān bēng dì liè: rocked by a major disaster. It just basically means that BWW’s crying sound so terrible that everyone felt bad ]


That moment when you don’t know what on earth is being said since you can’t read or speak Chinese. *cries*

Chapter 4: Chairman Gege Love Me Once Again (2)

If she recall correctly, Han Zhengyu was a very filial son. As for her, she currently became Han Zhengyu’s enemy that had killed his mother.


   It would already be good if Han Zhengyu didn’t directly kill her, but she even had to make him fall in love with her?


   What a joke, wasn’t this just like one of those dog blood1 dramas on tv?


   “004, can we change missions? This mission is simply impossible to complete.”


  . . . . . .


  “Don’t play dead, I know you’re there.”


……Requesting Host to restrain grief.


Bai Weiwei has never fallen in love so isn’t this forcing her to die early?


Requesting for Host to pull yourself together. Don’t forget that you only have 3 days left to live in a vegetative state. If you don’t quickly get favourable2 points, your body will die. As for Host, you won’t be able to go back.


Bai Weiwei’s  face turned pale, “I don’t need a broken system that will only pressure me, no use of having it at all.”


System:【Host, how can you say that?  I’m heartbroken.】


Bai Weiwei: “I’m more heartbroken than you.”


System:【Han Zhengyu is coming.】


Bai Weiwei: “He’s not coming to kill me right?. . .  ”


System: 【Don’t worry Host, he will at most leave you half dead.】


Bai Weiwei: “Roll!3” 


The door got abruptly kicked open by a tall man whose eyes were filled with a chilly glint. Anger was displayed on his handsome face while coming in.


“Bai Weiwei, I’m going to kill you.”


Finished yelling, he ruthlessly reached out to pinch her neck and fiercely pressed her down on top of the hospital bed.


Bai Weiwei felt  that she resembled a pig getting slaughtered. She tried to open her mouth to breathe in air only to fail.


System:【His appearance fits the description】


Bai Weiwei: “004 save me, I’m going to be killed!”


System: 【. . . . . . 


Whenever a situation like this happens, the system will feign death.


No need to persuade her, since she’s very certain that this person is Han Zhengyu whose mother died because of her. As a result, this person must have come to take revenge.


Bai Weiwei  tried to hold him back, she didn’t expect that after experiencing the pain of having a heart disease, she will be choked to death.


A feeling of sadness welled up from within, causing Bai Weiwei’s expression to reveal a touch of sorrow.


Not knowing why, Han Zhengyu’s hand trembled as he gradually released her neck.


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Bai Weiwei immediately pushed him and began to violently gasped for air, nearly choking.


Her mind rapidly began to think as she got up. Han Zhengyu must’ve been itching to eat her flesh and drink her blood.  Let alone fall in love with her, just hating her will not be enough.


Just thinking of those terrible memories, Han Zhengyu is not a saint.


Therefore she cannot confront him and act like the original Bai Weiwei because he never liked the original Bai Weiwei.


Even if she pretend like the original Bai Weiwei, it will be no use for her current mission.  


Might as well…  If the jar breaks, then so be it. 4


When Bai Weiwei  lowered her head, a trace of determination flashed within her eyes.


Afterwards, she lifted her head, her eyes quickly turning red as tears streamed down her face. She pursed her lips and began to silently cry as if she’s been wronged.


Her crying gradually turned into wails as she began beating his chest, “Bad Gege, bad gege! Gege is bullying Weiwei…”


Han Zhengyu: “. . . . . ”


System: 【. . . . . .


Han Zhengyu’s complexion turned ugly as he looked at Bai Weiwei with hatred. “What do you think you’re doing? You already caused my mother’s death and you’re still not satisfied? Bai Weiwei, I will never forgive you in my whole life.”


System:【Ding! Male God’s current favourable impression, negative 20. It seems that his hatred towards Host won’t disappear even if you wash yourself in the Yellow River. 】


She has no use for a trashy system that will throw stones at her while she’s down.


Bai Weiwei blinked her big misty eyes, sobbing as she faced Han Zhengyu. Suddenly  she rushed towards him and reached out to grab his clothes, “Gege,  Weiwei is scared. Does Gege not want Weiwei?’  


[1]: (melodramatic)

2. [Would you guys prefer affection, love or favourable?]

3. [A chinese slang for get lost]

4. pò guàn zi pò shuāi an idiom for letting nature take its course]

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Chapter 3: Chairman Gege Love Me Once Again (1)


By the time she woke up, she realized that she’s on top of a white bed.   


Is she in the hospital?  


Is she alive?


Bai Weiwei prompted her body to sit up, but the pain in her legs made her fall back again.  


Didn’t she have a heart disease? How come her leg is broken? Could this be one of Bai Yaoyao’s doings?  


【Host, you’ve already entered another world. Please prepare yourself. The target for your mission is about to appear. 】


 Bai Weiwei frowned, “You’re the system I binded with?”  


【Yes, that’s right. I’m 004, your partner that will accompany you as you travel into different worlds in the future.  If Host is able to obtain enough affection1 points, you can use it to exchange for your wish as a bargaining chip. 】


“This feels like a dream. How can I get affection points?” Bai Weiwei felt strange about her current situation. But, thinking about the fact that she can live again, no matter how strange or odd it is, she will endure it.  


【Once a task is finished, it will be stored inside the system library. As long as Host successfully finish the task within the time limit, you’ll be able to receive affection points】


“Then what’s the content of my task?” Bai Weiwei immediately asked.  


Before she lost her consciousness, she seemed to have heard that her body can only live for 3 days. Nevertheless, she’s still in a vegetative state.  


Three days of being powerless where she can’t do anything. In order to return and get rid of Bai Yaoyao she must complete and finish this task.   


【This time’s task is to obtain Han Zhengyu’s affection. Target objective, Han Zhengyu. Times succeeded, zero.  Requesting Host to receive this body’s memory. 】


After 004 spoke, Bai Weiwei’s head suddenly became blank. Afterwards numerous memories rushed inside her head.  


Feeling as if her head was about to split open, she reached out to touch her head as she shook from head to toe.  


Compared to having a relapse from her heart disease, this pain is much more painful.  


By the time Bai Weiwei finished remembering, her whole body froze.  
Because getting Han Zhengyu’s affection, is practically impossible to achieve.   


This body she’s in also has the same name as her which is Weiwei, with the surname as Bai.  


As for why this body has the same name as hers, Bai Weiwei didn’t even bother to ask.   


That’s because she has long been stupefied by this body’s memories.  


This Bai Weiwei fell in love with Han Zhengyu and married him, all due to the fact that he was once a poor man.  


Han Zhengyu is a handsome guy, he’s a top student that began to undertake his own business independently.  Although his temperament is cold and indifferent, he is someone who is responsible.


Even at school, due to the fact that Bai Weiwei had always liked Han Zhengyu, she chased after him.


Sadly, Han Zhengyu never liked the willful character of a rich person like Bai Weiwei, thus directly rejecting her.  


Bai Weiwei felt unwilling to give up. So when Han Zhengyu began undertaking his own business, she persistently chased after him.   


However, Han Zhengyu already liked another girl called Li Qingqing.  


Fearing that Han Zhengyu will marry Li Qingqing, Bai Weiwei persuaded her father to threaten Han Zhengyu. In the case that Han Zhengyu don’t marry her, his company will go bankrupt.  


Since Han Zhengyu urgently needed money to treat his own mother, he can only agree to marry her.  


But Han Zhengyu never liked Bai Weiwei and had never even touched her.  


This caused Bai Weiwei to misunderstand that Han Zhengyu is having an affair with Li Qingqing. The  misunderstanding caused her to almost kill Li Qingqing due to jealousy.


When Han Zhengyu heard of this matter it made him so furious that he directly left home. Since then, they lived separately.    


After living apart for a year, Bai Weiwei never changed. She went so far as to head towards Han Zheng Yu’s hometown and stubbornly took her seriously ill mother-in-law to her home.  


She thought that as long as her her mother-in-law was with her, Han Zhengyu will immediately return back.    


Contrary to what she expected, she began to feel anxious when it began to rain. It caused her to lose focus in driving that it led to a car crash.


Her mother-in-law died at the spot.  


As for her, she broke a leg and was sent to the hospital.  


This was how far she can remember.  


Realizing her situation, Bai Weiwei was practically about to curse. How can this Bai Weiwei be so stupid?!  


Who else would be as stupid as her?  


Will you die once you don’t have a man?  


Not only that, is it even possible to complete this mission?  


1. [Do you guys wanna change this to love or not? Cuz the original text is: 爱心 which means compassion; kindness or heart. The 爱 means to love; to be fond of; to like; affection. While 心 means heart; mind;intention ]

Anybody already hating the original MC? Also do you guys want me to translate the characters names togeteher or separated? Like instead of it being Han Zhengyu it’ll be Han Zheng Yu. Let me know what you think in the comments.

MGCH Chapter 2

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TL: Yuki

Chapter 2: Binding with the System

Closing her eyes, Bai Weiwei placed a hand on her chest and bit her lips. The ache in her heart made it difficult to breathe. As much as she hated it, she knew she’s dying.


However, her heart was unreconciled with the fact that Bai Yaoyao took advantage of the affection she (BWW) held towards her (BYY). Not only that, her aim was to deprive her (BWW) from her position.


Even her Dad was left in the dark about Bai Yaoyao’s true color.


Bai Weiwei abruptly opened her eyes and reached out to firmly grasp Bai Yaoyao’s dress. Her eyes glistened as she threatened: “If you dare harm Father, I’ll kill… kill you.”


Hearing the threat behind her words, Bai Yaoyao couldn’t help but almost spit at her.


Shaking off Bai Weiwei’s hand she asked, “What are you feeling anxious for? In any case since you’re about to die, wait till I receive the inheritance deed then I’ll send him to accompany you on the other side.”


Bai Weiwei furiously yelled, “Don’t you dare!”


However, this time her body seemed to have finally reached its limit. The pain in her chest intensified as her eyes gradually became too heavy to open and finally made her body lose strength.


“That’s right, I truly don’t dare. Every time I have to look after you as your younger sister I would feel so disgusted I could die.” Bai Yaoyao smiled while saying it.


Bai Weiwei’s tears gradually fell, in the end because of her own stupidity she ended up like this.


Suddenly, Bai Yaoyao’s tone changed as her face abruptly turned into one of suffering and pain. She leaned her body forward as her hands grasp Bai Weiwei’s own hands.


“Jiejie, jiejie what’s wrong? Ye dage come quick, something’s wrong with jiejie…”


Bai Weiwei halfly opened her eyes and saw Ye Yuxuan come over. He had an imposing, handsome and indifferent face. However his expression was very cold and aloof that held no concern for what’s happening. As if her death as his fiancée didn’t matter to him.


Following after Ye Yuxian is her Father.




She had no more strength left to speak to him


She began to feel sleepy as her soul gradually left her body and float above them.


Bai Yaoyao’s hypocritical face showed a very sorrowful expression. “Jiejie, you can’t leave me! Why have you still not taken your medicine? Stop being so careless, the way you are now is hurting me very much.”


Watching this scene, Bai Weiwei felt disgusted inside. Now that she’s dead no one can expose that woman’s true colors. Watching her act like this, she can’t believe that she fell for her innocent and pitiful act all these years.


In her heart Bai Yaoyao is nothing but a disgusting white lotus.


【Ding! To activate the Male God system, asking Host to please prepare for system binding.】


System binding? What is that?


【 The system has detected a large amount of resentment inside Host. If Host wishes to keep living Host must fulfill the wishes it is given. 】


Fulfilling wishes that I’m given?


Bai Weiwei looked at her own body that has already lost its breath. Then at Bai Yaoyao throwing herself at her fiance’s chest with a gloating smile while weeping.


Hatred flashed in Bai Weiwei’s eyes. “Can I really come back alive?”


【As long as Host fulfill the wishes given to you and accumulate enough affection points then Host can return. 】


Bai Weiwei looked at her Father that’s filled with despair as he kneel beside her body crying. Biting her lips, tears slowly drip down her face. “Alright. I promise to bind with the system as long as I live and come back alive.”


【 Ding! Responding to Host’s promise, process of binding, 10%, 50%, 90%, 100%… Novice gift package has been given as a reward. Host has been given 10 points of life value, does Host want to use it now? 】


Bai Weiwei answered without any hesitation: “Yes”


She doesn’t know if binding with the system was the right decision. But she knows that even if she has to trade with the devil using her soul in order to live, she wouldn’t care.


She doesn’t want to die, moreover dying in such a hateful way doesn’t have any value.


【 After it’s used, Host’s body can only hold on for three days while in a coma. 】


Suddenly Bai Weiwei’s Father, Bai Chang Yan felt surprised and shouted in joy: “Hurry and come! My daughter hasn’t died yet, she’s still breathing!”


Hearing him shout, everyone present was sent in disarray and confusion.


Meanwhile, Bai Weiwei who was the cause of everyone’s confusion was not able to witness the scene as she was immediately pulled by a blinding light because of the system.

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Male God, Come Here Chapter 1


This novel will be machine translated (MTL) so you will see errors along the way. Feel free to give some suggestions if you see any errors. I would appreciate it. Thank you

Jiejie= Older Sister

Meimei= Younger Sister

Dage= Older Brother

Gege= Brother

Note that if somebody calls another person gege or meimei (or any of the other terms above), they might not be related but just friends/acquaintances.  

TL: Kiki

Ed: Yuki

Chapter 1: Cruel and Unscrupulous Slut

 “Hehe, I’ve never seen such a stupid jiejie before. Who would be willing to be sisters with you? Pei!


   Bai Weiwei stared at her meimei in disbelief. The normally timid little girl that always followed her silently was currently staring at her with revulsion.  


  As if she was something disgusting, meant to be thrown away.


   She almost couldn’t breathe, reaching out to clutch her chest. The sharp pain nearly rendered her unable to speak.   


   “You…… you only treated me well for the inheritance deed?” Bai Weiwei’s eyes were cold but her voice was breaking. She leaned on the sofa, her body curled up into a ball. Every breath brought a burst of violent pain.


  “You actually believe I’d willingly acknowledge you as my jiejie if it wasn’t for that? Everyone says that I am the illegitimate daughter, and even Dad gives everything to you first! Why is it that everything you want is given to you while I must accept your charity? I’m better than you at everything- whether its contributions to work or the company, they’re all superior to yours. But no, you’re the heir and I’m just a nobody!”


   Bai Yaoyao stood up and hysterically rained curses on her.


   Bai Weiwei felt as if this was the first time she saw her clearly.  Bai Yaoyao was an illegitimate daughter her father had brought back from outside. At that time, Bai Weiwei was very lonely and so when she saw that she had a younger sister, she was very happy.


   Almost every time she found something amusing or tasty, she would always give it to Bai Yaoyao。


   If there was a servant spreading rumors about her, Bai Weiwei would drive them out without a moment’s hesitation.


   In the end, because of problems with her body, she had even signed the inheritance deed to her, giving Bai Yaoyao the right of inheritance to the company.


   It was because she had always believed Bai Yaoyao to be a kindhearted woman and her younger sister. Yet she had never expected that right after signing off the inheritance yesterday, Bai Yaoyao would expose her true, hideous colors.


   “G-give me my pills……” Bai Weiwei opened her lips slightly, squeezing out the words with difficulty.


  She knew that it was very unlikely for Bai Yaoyao to give her the medicine for her heart disease, but she still didn’t want to give up all hope.


   It was her meimei, the meimei she had spoiled and loved for more than 10 years. She still held on to a trace of hope that Bai Yaoyao held any traces of sentiment for her.


   Bai Yaoyao sneered, taking out the bottle of pills. Then, right in front of Bai Weiwei’s eyes, she threw it into the garbage can.


   “Today, you’ve died. The reason for your death is due to your heart disease1 flaring up and has nothing to do with me. Also, do you know why your wedding has been delayed for so long?”


   Bai Weiwei watched her medicine fly away, the trace of hope in her eyes turning into ash.


   She raised her head, her eyes a deep black but incomparably cold, “It’s because Ye Yuxuan believed I was having an affair with my bodyguard. However, all the pictures were taken by exploiting different angles and had no proof. Don’t tell me that was also you…….”


   Her heart had obviously already been suffocated, but it could be due to the dying flash of lucidity before death because her voice was unexpectedly clear and smooth despite her face turing paler as the look of death settled there.


   “Right, it was all me and An gege’s plot. Why were you, of everybody, chosen by Ye dage? The one that should marry him is me, and not a flower vase2 like you!


  An gege…… he was her bodyguard, An Le, and her friend……


   Bai Weiwei’s heart was utterly shattered. In one day, the two people she had trusted most had both betrayed her. She smiled coldly; she was truly stupid. If her heart could heat up with emotions like love and jealousy, then obviously others could too.


   But the world just always had some tramps who could only be happy after throwing her into a pot of lava. Their hearts were cruel like a wolf’s, repaying kindness with evil.

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1. [when you have a heart attack, its suffocated due to lack of oxygen/nutrients]

2. [ flower vase- only looks pretty, no brains/talent]

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Male God, Come Here




The night before her wedding, Bai Weiwei was brought to death by her own white lotus sister. The unwilling resentment before her death led to her triggering the Male God system.

“Beep— Does Host want to accomplish the desire to resurrect and counterattack these scumbags and from then on move towards the peak of your life? If so please bind with this system for you to abuse the scumbags to warm your bed and find the love of your life!”

In order to go back to fight for her life, Bai Weiwei that has lived a dog life will even pretend to be cute and look poor.

The mighty CEO missed her, the black belly Emperor embellished his harem for her.

The misogynist general had a deep love for her, even the Supreme Immortal defied the heavens and sacrificed his life for her.

All types of strong and powerful Male Gods come at her. Wait a minute, are you saying that all these Male Gods are actually one person?

This novel is 1v1, the male lead is one person from start to finish and the female lead isn’t aware of the situation.

Author: 凤梨糕

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@MiyaMira’s summary:

After signing the share transfer of the Bai company, Bai Weiwei who have congenital heart disease got betrayed by her adopted sister she always loved together with her trusted bodyguard. Shocked, betrayed, and worry for her father made her unwilling to die, and her resentment actually let her bind with a quick transmigration system. Completing the task means that she will be able to increase the number of days she can live, and she will be able to get revenge on her white lotus sister and the unconscionable bastard bodyguard. CEO, Emperor, General… Supreme Immortal? All of them turn to a love-sick waste who bowed before her skirt.

Just… why is this unlucky star of a wooden fiancé trying so hard to chase her? Stop sucking my life force already! Our marriage is only for business! I want to break the engagement!

Ye Yuxuan: “I will never let go of you.”

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3