MGCH Chapter 2

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TL: Yuki

Chapter 2: Binding with the System

Closing her eyes, Bai Weiwei placed a hand on her chest and bit her lips. The ache in her heart made it difficult to breathe. As much as she hated it, she knew she’s dying.


However, her heart was unreconciled with the fact that Bai Yaoyao took advantage of the affection she (BWW) held towards her (BYY). Not only that, her aim was to deprive her (BWW) from her position.


Even her Dad was left in the dark about Bai Yaoyao’s true color.


Bai Weiwei abruptly opened her eyes and reached out to firmly grasp Bai Yaoyao’s dress. Her eyes glistened as she threatened: “If you dare harm Father, I’ll kill… kill you.”


Hearing the threat behind her words, Bai Yaoyao couldn’t help but almost spit at her.


Shaking off Bai Weiwei’s hand she asked, “What are you feeling anxious for? In any case since you’re about to die, wait till I receive the inheritance deed then I’ll send him to accompany you on the other side.”


Bai Weiwei furiously yelled, “Don’t you dare!”


However, this time her body seemed to have finally reached its limit. The pain in her chest intensified as her eyes gradually became too heavy to open and finally made her body lose strength.


“That’s right, I truly don’t dare. Every time I have to look after you as your younger sister I would feel so disgusted I could die.” Bai Yaoyao smiled while saying it.


Bai Weiwei’s tears gradually fell, in the end because of her own stupidity she ended up like this.


Suddenly, Bai Yaoyao’s tone changed as her face abruptly turned into one of suffering and pain. She leaned her body forward as her hands grasp Bai Weiwei’s own hands.


“Jiejie, jiejie what’s wrong? Ye dage come quick, something’s wrong with jiejie…”


Bai Weiwei halfly opened her eyes and saw Ye Yuxuan come over. He had an imposing, handsome and indifferent face. However his expression was very cold and aloof that held no concern for what’s happening. As if her death as his fiancée didn’t matter to him.


Following after Ye Yuxian is her Father.




She had no more strength left to speak to him


She began to feel sleepy as her soul gradually left her body and float above them.


Bai Yaoyao’s hypocritical face showed a very sorrowful expression. “Jiejie, you can’t leave me! Why have you still not taken your medicine? Stop being so careless, the way you are now is hurting me very much.”


Watching this scene, Bai Weiwei felt disgusted inside. Now that she’s dead no one can expose that woman’s true colors. Watching her act like this, she can’t believe that she fell for her innocent and pitiful act all these years.


In her heart Bai Yaoyao is nothing but a disgusting white lotus.


【Ding! To activate the Male God system, asking Host to please prepare for system binding.】


System binding? What is that?


【 The system has detected a large amount of resentment inside Host. If Host wishes to keep living Host must fulfill the wishes it is given. 】


Fulfilling wishes that I’m given?


Bai Weiwei looked at her own body that has already lost its breath. Then at Bai Yaoyao throwing herself at her fiance’s chest with a gloating smile while weeping.


Hatred flashed in Bai Weiwei’s eyes. “Can I really come back alive?”


【As long as Host fulfill the wishes given to you and accumulate enough affection points then Host can return. 】


Bai Weiwei looked at her Father that’s filled with despair as he kneel beside her body crying. Biting her lips, tears slowly drip down her face. “Alright. I promise to bind with the system as long as I live and come back alive.”


【 Ding! Responding to Host’s promise, process of binding, 10%, 50%, 90%, 100%… Novice gift package has been given as a reward. Host has been given 10 points of life value, does Host want to use it now? 】


Bai Weiwei answered without any hesitation: “Yes”


She doesn’t know if binding with the system was the right decision. But she knows that even if she has to trade with the devil using her soul in order to live, she wouldn’t care.


She doesn’t want to die, moreover dying in such a hateful way doesn’t have any value.


【 After it’s used, Host’s body can only hold on for three days while in a coma. 】


Suddenly Bai Weiwei’s Father, Bai Chang Yan felt surprised and shouted in joy: “Hurry and come! My daughter hasn’t died yet, she’s still breathing!”


Hearing him shout, everyone present was sent in disarray and confusion.


Meanwhile, Bai Weiwei who was the cause of everyone’s confusion was not able to witness the scene as she was immediately pulled by a blinding light because of the system.

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  1. So far.. ML has “stupid” labelled on him.. will reconsider on taking it off depending on his plans and performance in the future


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