In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve finally learned how to use footnote thanks to the help of Yuki Suoh and Fuheidage. *kowtows* thanks for your help. If you haven’t read the story Special Agent Rebirth which is also a quick transmigration translated by Fuheidage then you’re missing out one of the best quick transmigration novels being translated. Now that I’m done talking, go ahead and read. XD

Chapter 3: Chairman Gege Love Me Once Again (1)


By the time she woke up, she realized that she’s on top of a white bed.   


Is she in the hospital?  


Is she alive?


Bai Weiwei prompted her body to sit up, but the pain in her legs made her fall back again.  


Didn’t she have a heart disease? How come her leg is broken? Could this be one of Bai Yaoyao’s work?  


【Host, you’ve already entered another world. Please prepare yourself. The target for your mission is about to appear. 】


 Bai Weiwei frowned, “You’re the system I bound with?”  


【Yes, that’s right. I’m 004, your partner that will accompany you as you travel into different worlds in the future.  If Host is able to obtain enough affection1 points, you can use it to exchange for your wish as a bargaining chip. 】


“This feels like a dream… By the way, how can I get affection points?” Bai Weiwei felt strange about her current situation. But, thinking about the fact that she can live again, no matter how strange or odd it is, she will endure it.  


【Once a task is finished, it will be stored inside the system library. As long as Host successfully finish the task within the time limit, you’ll be able to receive affection points.】


“Then what’s the content of my task?” Bai Weiwei immediately asked.  


Before she lost her consciousness, she seemed to have heard that her body can only live for 3 days. Nevertheless, she’s still in a vegetative state.  


Three days of being powerless where she can’t do anything. In order to return and get rid of Bai Yaoyao, she must complete and finish this task.   


【This time’s task is to obtain Han Zhengyu’s affection. Target objective, Han Zhengyu. Progress: zero.  Requesting Host to receive this body’s memory. 】


After 004 spoke, Bai Weiwei’s head suddenly became blank. Afterwards, numerous memories rushed inside her head.  


Feeling as if her head was about to split open, she reached out to touch her head as she shook from head to toe.  


Compared to having a relapse from her heart disease, this pain is much more painful.  


By the time Bai Weiwei finished remembering, her whole body froze.  


Because getting Han Zhengyu’s affection, is practically impossible to achieve.   


This body she’s in has the same name as her which is Weiwei, with the surname as Bai.  


As for why this body has the same name as hers, Bai Weiwei didn’t even bother to ask.   


That’s because she has long been stupefied by this body’s memories.  


This Bai Weiwei fell in love with Han Zhengyu and married him, all due to the fact that he was once a poor man.  


Han Zhengyu is a handsome guy, he’s a top student that began to undertake his own business independently.  Although his temperament is cold and indifferent, he is someone who is responsible.


Even at school, due to the fact that Bai Weiwei had always liked Han Zhengyu, she chased after him.


Sadly, Han Zhengyu never liked the willful character of a young miss like Bai Weiwei, thus directly rejecting her.  


Bai Weiwei felt unwilling to give up. So when Han Zhengyu began undertaking his own business, she persistently chased after him.   


However, Han Zhengyu already liked another girl called Li Qingqing.  


Fearing that Han Zhengyu will marry Li Qingqing, Bai Weiwei persuaded her father to threaten Han Zhengyu. In the case that Han Zhengyu doesn’t marry her, his company will go bankrupt.  


Since Han Zhengyu urgently needed money to treat his own mother, he can only agree to marry her.  


But Han Zhengyu never liked Bai Weiwei and had never even touched her.  


This caused Bai Weiwei to misunderstand that Han Zhengyu was having an affair with Li Qingqing. The misunderstanding caused her to almost kill Li Qingqing due to jealousy.


When Han Zhengyu heard of this matter, it made him so furious that he directly left home. Since then, they lived separately.    


After living apart for a year, Bai Weiwei never changed. She went so far as to head towards Han Zheng Yu’s hometown and stubbornly took her seriously ill mother-in-law to her home.  


She thought that as long as her mother-in-law was with her, Han Zhengyu will immediately return back.    


Contrary to what she expected, she began to feel anxious when it began to rain. It caused her to lose focus in driving that it led to a car crash.


Her mother-in-law died at the spot.  


As for her, she broke a leg and was sent to the hospital.  


This was how far she can remember.  


Realizing her situation, Bai Weiwei was practically about to curse. How can this Bai Weiwei be so stupid?!  


Who else would be as stupid as her?  


Will you die once you don’t have a man?  


Not only that, is it even possible to complete this mission?  


1. [Do you guys wanna change this to love or not? Cuz the original text is 爱心 which means compassion; kindness or heart. The 爱 means to love; to be fond of; to like; affection. While 心 means heart; mind; intention ]

Anybody already hating the original MC? Also, do you guys want me to translate the characters names together or separated? Like instead of it being Han Zhengyu it’ll be Han Zheng Yu. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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  1. thanks for chapters…combine is better…yup, been read SAB..its cool..
    i think there are 8😊 quick transmigration novel does this novel also have many ml?sorry if i forgot to read summary..😅

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    1. Thanks for reading and answering my question! ^^

      Yeah I agree it’s pretty cool. One of the few novels ik that live up to its name of being a quick transmigration. As for this novel, it has many ML but all of them are the same person but without memories.


  2. Thanks for the chapter 😘
    Together is better for me too 🙂
    I just feel that the original body is foolish. She became dumb with love, or maybe she was already dumb… I feel sorry for Weiwei to have this as her first reincarnation..

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    1. Thanks for reading (^▽^)

      It seems that everyone prefers the names being together. I thought I’ll have to separate them so thats good ><

      Ikr? This is why when characters fall in love their IQ’s seems to drop lower than an average person. Smh. What’s more this Weiwei already offended this big shot sigh


    1. I get about that mix emotion. Whenever I’m translating a part and the MC expect something for the ML to do, it’s kind of hard to feel happy or something. Anyways, thanks for reading! ❤️


  3. Ooph… The original body accidentally killed her mother-in-law while trying to take her hostage…. She has some work cut out for her.
    Can’t wait to see how she deals with it!

    Thank you for the chapter!

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  4. Me: Impossible? How hard can it be?😕
    As the memories came down, me: 😮…😰…😟…😳…😲…😱

    I was hoping maybe she woke up before the tragedy happened.. turns out it was after the accident😑 .. imo, the only way possible to gain affection of ML after accidentally kill his beloved mother is him getting amnesia -,-

    Looking forward on how our MC is going to solve this.. onto the next chapter~


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