Chapter 15: Chairman Gege, Love Me Once Again (13)


Bai Weiwei kept her mouth shut as she willed her tears to go back.


She knew her excessive act of being an idiot was very annoying, thus she could only eat obediently. Yet, from time to time, she would look at Han Zhengyu with a pitiful expression of being wronged.


Han Zhengyu, the guy who received her gaze, felt his body stiffen. Whenever she looked at him with that kind of gaze, an uncomfortable feeling settled over him.


As he ate a mouthful of food, his mind constantly replayed the scene in the bathroom. Afterward, he put the bowl back on the table with more strength than he intended while enduring his anger. However, when he saw Bai Weiwei looking startled just like a frightened bunny, he didn’t have the will to bring the bowl back again and just uttered a word, “Eat.”


After he had finished eating, Han Zhengyu took Bai Weiwei to the hospital.


Right when Bai Weiwei was tied to a white bed, the doctor stuck various wires to her head. Feeling baffled, she asked the system a question.


“System, what is he going to do?”


System: 【 Han Zhengyu must have probably figured it out and bribed the doctor to kill you in order to solve all the problem. 】


Bai Weiwei doubted, “I have no hatred towards you.”


System: 【Our interest are the same, where did the hatred come from?】


Bai Weiwei: “If I didn’t know you weren’t human, I would’ve thought of you as Bai Yaoyao, that slut’s, people.”


System: 【. . . . 】Why does it feel so uncomfortable after hearing her words?


Han Zhengyu looked at Bai Weiwei’s frightened face and almost opened his mouth to comfort her. However, when he remembered the things she had done, he swallowed those words back in his throat.


He looked at the doctor, “Are you sure this method is useful?”


The doctor immediately replied: “Of course it is, our treatment has cured many patients with the same condition. As long as the patient’s head is stimulated by the electric current, the patient can recall the matters from before.”


Han Zhengyu tried to restrain himself, but in the end, he still asked: “Will the electric shock be painful?”


The doctor replied: “In order to recover one must pay a small price.”


Bai Wei Wei finally understood what they were planning on doing. Did they want to send electricity into my head? Not to mention whether it would be useful or not, but first of all, I’m just pretending to be a fool. Once that electricity hit my head, I would become a real idiot afterward!


Han Zhengyu pondered for a while before he turned and said: “Let’s go with this treatment.”


Bai Weiwei’s face was filled with despair. Earlier, she just praised him for having a conscience and yet, that same conscience seems to have been eaten by a dog.


She looked at the doctor coming over as he tried to open a switch on the device. Bai Weiwei threw caution to the wind1  as she burst into tears and began sobbing, “Gege, gege, where are you? There’s a bad person that wants to bully Weiwei!”


She cried while struggling to free herself as the wound on her arm nearly split open.


Han Zhengyu’s footstep paused, nearly unable to take another step forward. However, it was unknown of what he had thought for he had resolved his heart to be ruthless and walked away.


When he came to the hallway, he lowered his head and took out a cigarette, feeling ill at ease.


The door was soundproof meaning this treatment was somewhat illegal. Therefore, he could only take her out at night.


Han Zhengyu smoked while waiting, nearly burning his hand in the process. He discovered that his breath was unstable and felt his stomach tightening.


Bai Weiwei’s clear eyes that reflected his figure was filled with trust.


Before, he felt sick whenever she looks at him with that kind of expression.


But when she’s now an idiot that trusted him unconditionally, he actually felt touched.


Han Zhengyu suddenly used his hands to ruthlessly throw the cigarette under his foot, “This woman killed your mother.”


As if by constantly emphasizing this matter, he can strengthen his hatred for Bai Weiwei.




When Bai Weiwei saw Han Zhengyu walking away unconcerned, only then did she feel the despair in doing her mission.


She’s just a novice that had to face the big boss after accepting her task. How is she going to survive now?



1. To have no sense of shame

Yuki’s Corner

As usual, your late update is here. *laughs nervously* I wanted to release this chapter as fast as possible but I fell sick and was buried with deadlines. TT_TT


Also, I have news to announce. Since I feel really bad for always updating late and since I’m always busy with school work, I decided to hand the job of translating this novel to Lazysenpai who will continue the work for me. Lazysenpai and I already talked about it and had an agreement. She also has a schedule already fixed for you all so you guys won’t have late updates (Yay!). I’m really sorry for dropping this. Thank you for the support you guys have given me so far. *bows* Hope you guys stick with this novel still! (;>~<;)

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